Is God calling you into Partnership with us?

Ministry Partnership with Christ Ministries International:
This exists for those who desire to connect with and be a part of the ‘Christ Ministries International’ team committed to preach and teach the Word of God far and wide. The Lord has anointed Pastor Chris and Jill Twinn as well as other ministers at CMI to publish works in written, audio and visual media. It takes a team of partners to distribute, finance and communicate what the Lord has called us to do.

Local Church partnership with Living House Family Church:
This exists for those who either attend a local ‘Living House Family Church’ or connect as an E-Partner and join with Sunday services, prayer and pastoral requests etc. online because there is no Word of Faith church available locally that ministers to them with the content they desire from this ministry.

Those in a Local LHFC church and those who are committed to their own church can be a part of this vision team. Through media such as ‘The Faith Connection Broadcast’ (Radio broadcast), Ministr-Email, and other materials such as books, audio and visual resources, CMI is commissioned to teach the Word of God ‘far and wide’.

Are you PART of the team?

Partnership is an important part of how we accomplish things in the Kingdom of God. What does it mean to partner with CMI?

  • We are committed to pray for our partners, to lift them before the Lord as a part of our ‘team’ in ministry.
    We Email our partners a monthly ‘MinistrEmail‘ teaching by Pastor Chris Twinn, plus other communication as the Lord leads.
    We Make available resources including audio, video, publications etc. that will minister to our partners.
    We have a partner service prayer team that will pray for any specific prayer requests from our partners.
    You help us in prayer as you lift up Pastor Chris and Jill and the work of CMI across the nations.
    You help us financially, as you ask the Father what part He would have you play in helping us minister to the nations.

To understand more about the Biblical principle of partnership please scroll down and read the teaching by Pastor Chris Twinn!


Let us know if you want to connect in Partnership and fill out the form below.


(Teaching by Pastor Chris Twinn)

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