The Vision

Vision‘As a church we are commissioned and committed to reach the lost with the Good News of Jesus Christ and His resurrection, and to make them His disciples.’

However the commission of the church does not stop there, we are an equipping ministry committed to teach the uncompromised Word of God, called to pray for, and encourage the Body of Christ to excellence, holiness and to the fulfillment of our destiny in God.

We see a healthy, whole and prosperous body of people, who Love God and Love one another. An assembly of believers committed to serve God and prefer one another so as to live consistent with the plans, purposes and pursuits that the Lord has placed before us.

We see a local church (as well as other church plants) that is a blessing to its local community, one that reaches out in Love while maintaining an uncompromising stand for Biblical truth and morality.

We see a body of people who are increasing and maturing in God and looking for the return of Jesus.