CMI-logo2015-2Christ Ministries International (a ministry of Living House Family Church) has a vision to equip people to fulfill their destiny “in Christ”. The Lord commissioned us to teach people; Who they are in Christ (the Anointed One and His Anointing), What is available to them in Christ and What they are called to do in Christ.

  • You are who God says you are.
    You can have what God says you can have.
    You can do what God says you can do.

We want to be a blessing to you and your household, so please visit with us regularly and use the resources that we make available to you on this website. Be sure to let us pray for you by going to the prayer request page. We will respond to you with what the Word of God says, so that we can agree with you by faith as we pray. We are sure that you will be blessed by the ministry and resources that we have developed to help you fulfil your call.

CMI has its Australian ministry in Brisbane, Queensland and was founded and directed by Pastor Chris and Pastor Jill Twinn of Living House Family Church.

Pastors Chris and Jill pioneered Living House Family Church in Brisbane, Australia and have ministered extensively over the last twenty five years in areas such as Discipleship Training, Evangelism and Missions in different nations around the world. Pastor Chris holds a ministerial licence through Eagle Mountain International Church, Dallas – Fort Worth USA (aka Kenneth Copeland Ministries). Both Pastor Chris and Pastor Jill have ministered together for two and a half decades and have ministered in a local church setting for over 13 years.

Living House Family Church (LHFC) was planted in January 2003 and is a growing and exciting church. As well as being the senior ministers of LHFC, Pastor Chris and Pastor Jill also continue to minister to the wider body of Christ, desiring to encourage and exhort the Church to an uncompromising walk of faith.

Pastor Chris has lectured internationally on topics such as ‘Hearing God’s Voice’, ‘Faith and Finances’, ‘Prayer’, ‘The Anointing that Jesus Preached’, ‘Our Identity In Christ’and ‘The Character and Nature of God’ and ‘The Holy Spirit’. He also preaches in different Churches and on both traditional radio and internet radio through the Faith Connection Broadcast, with inspiring teaching to encourage a deeper faith walk. His challenging messages inspire Christians to believe that what God’s Word says is for them to appropriate in their lives.

Pastor Chris and Pastor Jill have three children, Matthew, Aimee and David, who have travelled with their parents around the world as they share the Word of God.

Together they have a vision to develop and teach Christians the truth about who they are in Christ;


“The Anointed One and His Anointing”!


The vision
As a ministry we are committed to see the Body of Christ taught the uncompromised Word of God.

We will use every and any form of communication available to achieve this.

Our goal is to be an equipping ministry, called to pray for, teach and encourage the Body of Christ to excellence, holiness and to fulfilment of their destiny in God.

The message
The primary message that God has given us to preach is the message of Christ, The Anointed One and His Anointing. It is upon anointed revelation that Jesus said He would build His Church.