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Pastors Chris and Jill Twinn have been in ministry for several decades and are committed to seeing the Body of Christ taught the uncompromised Word of God. Every week we have wonderful services with good solid biblical teaching. The principal message that God has given the Twinns is that of Christ, The Anointed One and His Anointing. It is upon anointed revelation that Jesus said He would build His Church.


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2012/01/29 6 sermons
by Chris Twinn
Kingdom of Heaven
2012/01/22 1 sermon
by Allan MacKenzie
The Significance of Words
2012/01/15 1 sermon
by Chris Twinn
Launching into the Deep
2012/01/08 1 sermon
by Chris Twinn
2012/01/01 1 sermon
by Chris Twinn
Immersed in Christ
2011/12/18 1 sermon
by Chris Twinn
2011/12/11 1 sermon
by Chris Twinn
Standing Fast in Liberty
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