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Pastors Chris and Jill Twinn have been in ministry for several decades and are committed to seeing the Body of Christ taught the uncompromised Word of God. Every week we have wonderful services with good solid biblical teaching. The principal message that God has given the Twinns is that of Christ, The Anointed One and His Anointing. It is upon anointed revelation that Jesus said He would build His Church.


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2019/10/131 sermon
by Chris Twinn
Framed By The Word of God
2019/10/061 sermon
by Chris Twinn
Yom Kippur - Jesus, The High Priest of Our Confession
2019/09/291 sermon
by Chris Twinn
The Head of the Year 'Pey'
2019/09/221 sermon
by Mark Lane
What Did God Say?
2019/04/211 sermon
by Sermon
2019/04/141 sermon
by Chris Twinn
Lamb - Saviour - King (Palm Sunday)
2019/04/075 sermons
by Chris Twinn
2019/02/243 sermons
by Chris Twinn
Wage the Good Warfare!
2019/02/031 sermon
by Chris Twinn
No Shipwrecks!
2019/01/271 sermon
by Khalie Conteh
Trust in & be Confident in the Lord
2019/01/203 sermons
by Allan MacKenzie
Foundations of Faith
2019/01/131 sermon
by Chris Twinn
About the Father's Business
2019/01/061 sermon
by Chris Twinn
Be of Good Cheer
2018/12/301 sermon
by Chris Twinn
Finishing Strong
2018/12/231 sermon
by Allan MacKenzie
Christmas 2018
2018/12/161 sermon
by David Welsh
God's System of Faith
2018/12/094 sermons
by Chris Twinn
Disciples of Christ
2018/11/119 sermons
by Chris Twinn
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
2018/09/161 sermon
by Chris Twinn
2018/09/091 sermon
by Chris Twinn
Rosh Hashanah
2018/09/021 sermon
by Chris Twinn
Spiritual Fatherhood
2018/08/191 sermon
by Chris Twinn
The Word of Wisdom! - The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
2018/08/121 sermon
by Chris Twinn
The Gifts & Callings of God! - The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
2018/08/051 sermon
by Chris Twinn
The Holy Spirit - The Gift! - The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
2018/07/291 sermon
by Chris Twinn
The Holy Spirit Our Guarantee! - Christ in You the Hope of Glory
2018/07/222 sermons
by Chris Twinn
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
2018/07/084 sermons
by Chris Twinn
The Re-Alignment of Change
2018/05/281 sermon
by Pastor Jezreel
Pastor Jezreel - 28 May 2018
2018/05/2016 sermons
by Chris Twinn
A Vessel Prepared for Glory
2018/04/291 sermon
by David Welsh
The Hearer Hears the Word
2018/04/153 sermons
by Chris Twinn
To Know HIM & the Power of HIS Resurrection
2018/02/112 sermons
by Chris Twinn
Overcoming from the Inside Out
2018/01/211 sermon
by Khalie Conteh
Preaching Christ
2018/01/145 sermons
by Allan MacKenzie
Living in the Blessing
2017/12/311 sermon
by Chris Twinn
New Year's Eve 2017
2017/10/221 sermon
by David Welsh
Take Heed What You Hear
2017/10/151 sermon
by Chris Twinn
Living Life As An Epistle!
2017/10/011 sermon
by Chris Twinn
Don't Give Up Now!
2017/09/241 sermon
by Chris Twinn
Yom Kippur
2017/09/171 sermon
by Chris Twinn
Ready for His Return
2017/09/101 sermon
by Chris Twinn
Conducting Yourselves in These Days
2017/09/031 sermon
by Col Stringer
3 September 2017
2017/08/271 sermon
by Chris Twinn
Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So!
2017/08/204 sermons
by Chris Twinn
Here Am I! Send Me
2017/07/164 sermons
by Chris Twinn
It's the Real Thing!
2017/06/1816 sermons
by Chris Twinn
The Way & the Walk
2017/06/042 sermons
by Chris Twinn
Heaven on Earth - Shavout - Pentecost
2017/05/141 sermon
by Chris Twinn
Mother's Day
2017/01/222 sermons
by Allan MacKenzie
The Spiritual Law of Expectation
2017/01/081 sermon
by Chris Twinn
The Great Commission
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